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Being Part of Bathgate Community First Responders


The most critical part of our role as Bathgate Community First Responders is responding. We go to people who are in need of our help and we offer often life saving treatment. However it's not just treating the patients that we do. We also offer assistance where we can to the ambulance service on their arrival and as much information and history as we have gathered while with the patient. Responding is only the beginning of our role but the most important.

Fund Raising

The ability to grow has been a planned strategy by our Steering Group since the group's conception. However growth is only possible with volunteers and equipment. Each of our Community First Responder bags costs around £3500 and that's before the infrastructure to run the group and the uniforms are purchased. Fund raising takes up much of our time and we continue to raise funds to help us extend our life-saving outreach service. We are always looking for assistance in the fund raising side of the group and would love some help!

Training Sessions

Part of being a Community First Responder is training. We want to ensure that we are well drilled and ready for any eventuality. The first training a potential recruit responder will do will be in Bathgate by one of our team. This is a short 3 hour course geared to prepare you for the coming 2 day Scottish Ambulance Service lead training. Following becoming a first responder the Scottish Ambulance Service require that we continue to keep our skills sharp by continuing training on a monthly basis. Our training changes every month (although Basic Life Support is taught every month) this helps us to ensure that training is varied and interesting our group enjoys regular on-going sessions.

HeartStart Training

Part of our Constitution is raising awareness of our group and its needs. We also want to help our community by providing HeartStart Training. This is a short course that focuses on the "Simple Skills" that save lives. We have heart start trained Instructors that are trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service. We always try to have as many hands and eyes on the course as possible.

Helping out with other Scottish Ambulance Services events

From time to time we are asked to assist the Scottish Ambulance Service in delivering Heart Start training or possibly even assisting with Awareness days for campaigns with the British Heart Foundation. We are a group committed to help out in our community on a voluntary basis and where we can help we will!

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