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Our Fund Raising

Bathgate Community First Responders needs funds for ongoing skills training, for professional clothing and for essential life-saving equipment.

We have been very fortunate in that fund raising has been carried out in a variety of location ands styles.

  • Standing outside Tesco rattling buckets!
  • Lend Lease kindly donating some of their staff to our cause in the Bathgate precinct
  • Karen & Debbie at Bathgate Golf Club
  • Cliff, Chris & Richard at Simpson Primary School
  • Evenings with the 50+ Groups
  • Evenings with The Scottish Women's Rural Institute

Our group is a voluntary group so all of our members not only volunteer their own time to respond but we also volunteer our time to raise funds.

Quiz Night at Bathgate Golf Club - 2nd November 2012

£1200.00 was raised by team entries, selling of tablet, auction and a raffle.

Thanks must go to Debbie Marshall and Derek Francis.

Debbie for helping me out on the night and distributing letters to local businesses requesting raffle prizes.

Derek for obtaining various raffle prizes, including 1 years supply of Irn Bru (16 cases x 24 cans), Winter Jacket & fleece from Lomond Audi Group, various goody bags and a £200 donation from Heineken.

We must also thank Tesco, Images, Boots, West Lothian Golf Club for their raffle prizes and Bathgate Golf Club and their caterers for giving us the hall and a small buffet (free of charge)

I spent many an evening over a hot stove making over 100 bars of tablet. I do believe it went down well.

Karen Bruns, Whitburn Responder

Our Dedicated Life Saving & Fund Raising Responders

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